Candleholders for Events



Metallic Gold Lantern with Battery Candle

$5.00/ea | QTY: 1 | Item# 10002

This metallic gold lantern will be the perfect addition to any dining or outdoor table. 5/5”W x 14”H







Gray Lanterns – SOLD OUT

$25.00/set | QTY: 2 sets | Item# 10003

SOLD OUT – This set of three lanterns is a perfect addition to you table. Create a classic rustic style or mix with other containers for an elegant setting. SMALL (1) 3.5”D x 7”H, MEDIUM (1) 4.5”D x 8.5”H, LARGE (1) 5.5”D x 11”H)




Silver and Gold Mercury Votive Holder

Silver and Gold Mercury Votive Holders

$3.00 each | QTY: 21 | Item# 10004

These classic mercury glass votive holders are perfect for cocktail tables or surrounding your table décor. Place a votive candle inside for a beautiful twinkling go. 3.5″D x 4.25″H







U shape glass candelabra

U-Shaped Glass Candelabra

$100.00 each | QTY: 13 | Item# 10005

Create a show-stopping table display with this elegant piece. Perfect on it’s own or double them up with a nice floral accent to create instant glam. 23″W x 20″H x 7″D *Battery pillar candles not included




Mini Glass Taper Candleholder

$0.25 each| QTY: 28 | Item# 10006

These simple, but classic pieces are great for your dining table, mantle, or head table.  3″D









Wooden Candle Pedestals (Gold/Brown) – SOLD OUT

$10/set of 2| QTY: 2 sets | Item# 10007

SOLD OUT – These wooden pedestals are perfect on their own or with pillar candles on top. Two are painted gold and two are natural brown. 4.5″D x 18″H







Lighted Wax Luminary Columns

$75.00/ea| QTY: 18 Large/14 Small | Item# 10008

These giant wax luminaries make for a perfect display. Wax columns are hollowed out with a light inside the bottom of each. Wax toppers may also be placed on top with in built candles for a unique look. Size: Large – 15″D x 46.5″H, Small – 15″D x 38.5