Candleholders for Events


Lucite Tiered Candelabra

$125.00/ea | QTY: 5 | Item# 10001

These Lucite candelabra are perfect for any special occasion and will make your table dazzle with 33 votive holders. Add crystals and floral for additional wow factor or even use as a dessert display. These custom pieces are simply stunning! (votive candles not included) 44″H x 24″D







Metallic Gold Lantern with Battery Candle

$10.00/ea | QTY: 1 | Item# 10002

This metallic gold lantern will be the perfect addition to any dining or outdoor table. 5/5”W x 14”H







Gray Lanterns

$35.00/set | QTY: 2 sets | Item# 10003

This set of three lanterns is a perfect addition to you table. Create a classic rustic style or mix with other containers for an elegant setting. SMALL (1) 3.5”D x 7”H, MEDIUM (1) 4.5”D x 8.5”H, LARGE (1) 5.5”D x 11”H)




Silver and Gold Mercury Votive Holder

Silver and Gold Mercury Votive Holders

$5.00 each | QTY: 21 | Item# 10004

These classic mercury glass votive holders are perfect for cocktail tables or surrounding your table décor. Place a votive candle inside for a beautiful twinkling go. 3.5″D x 4.25″H







U shape glass candelabra

U-Shaped Glass Candelabra

$100.00 each | QTY: 13 | Item# 10005

Create a show-stopping table display with this elegant piece. Perfect on it’s own or double them up with a nice floral accent to create instant glam. 23″W x 20″H x 7″D *Battery pillar candles not included




Mini Glass Taper Candleholder

$0.25 each| QTY: 28 | Item# 10006

These simple, but classic pieces are great for your dining table, mantle, or head table.  3″D









Wooden Candle Pedestals (Gold/Brown) – SOLD OUT

$10/set of 2| QTY: 2 sets | Item# 10007

SOLD OUT – These wooden pedestals are perfect on their own or with pillar candles on top. Two are painted gold and two are natural brown. 4.5″D x 18″H







Lighted Wax Luminary Columns

$100.00/ea| QTY: 15 Large/15 Small | Item# 10008

These giant wax luminaries make for a perfect display. Wax columns are hollowed out with a light inside the bottom of each. Wax toppers may also be placed on top with in built candles for a unique look. Size: Large – 15″D x 46.5″H, Small – 15″D x 38.5