Theme Decor



Armadillo Prop

$200.00 | QTY: 1 | Item# 16014

This saddled armadillo prop is the perfect western photo op. Comes with a set of steps, so that guests may climb on his back for a fun photo Size: 8’Lx5’6″H








Giant Gorilla Prop

$75.00 | QTY: 1 | Item# 16013

This larger than life gorilla prop holds barbells and is a fun addition to any animal or circus theme bash! Size: 8’H










Iron Pumpkins

$40.00/set | QTY: 1 set | Item# 16001

Perfect for fall! These iron pieces can be dressed up with floral or foliage to create the perfect display. LARGE (1) 17.5”H x 16”D SMALL (1) 12.5”H x 11”D





African Tribal Mask

$10.00/ea | QTY: 2 | Item# 16003 

These tribal mask props will be a great addition to your next tribal themed event. 25”H x 16”W









Frankenstein Figurine

Frankenstein Figurine

$10.00 | QTY: 1 | Item# 16004

This fun Frankenstein Figurine is perfect for your Halloween party! It even lights up and moves when plugged into a standard wall outlet. Pairs great with the Halloween Witch Figurine as well. 24″H









Halloween Witch Figurine

$10.00 | QTY: 1 | Item# 16005 
A perfect addition to your Halloween fete! This witch figurine moves when plugged in and is perfect for a buffet or small décor piece. 30″H










White Mini Holiday Tree

$5.00ea | QTY: 10 | Item# 16006
These white faux holiday trees will be the perfect addition to your table décor or décor display for wintery white touch.     20″H








Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree – 9ft tall

$100.00ea | QTY: 2 | Item# 16015
Holiday trees are always in demand. This 9ft tall tree is the perfect holiday addition for office party or home. Ornaments not included. Size: 9ft tall




Mini Punching bag

Mini Punching Bag

$10.00ea | QTY: 5 | Item# 16007
These mini punching bags make great centerpieces or table décor for your boxing or sporting theme event. 15″H x 8″D










Giant Musical Instruments

$50.00ea | QTY: 3 | Item# 16008
This assortment of giant music instruments is a perfect addition to a music, rock and roll, or classical music theme. Selection includes a saxophone, trumpet, and violin. Grab ’em before they are gone! Size: 5ft-6ft tall






Faux Cash Register Prop

$10.00 | QTY: 1 | Item# 16017

Looking to set up shop? How adorable is this faux cash register prop? Authentic old style makes for a fun throwback.  Size: 24″H x 18″W x 14.5″D







Assorted Mini Music Instrument Props

$5.00 each | QTY: 4 | Item# 16018

These silver music instruments are great for a table top decoration or buffet piece. Mix them with some of our larger music themed props and you will be set!  Size: 16″-20″ L





Cowboy Hat Chandelier

$30.00 each | QTY: 3 | Item# 16019

We are in LOVE with these cowboy hat chandeliers! What a fun way to add a little western flair to your event!  Size: 30″D x 4’H







Theatre Marquee Prop

$10.00 each | QTY: 1 | Item# 16020

This fun marquee is perfect for Hollywood or movie theme. Real working lights make it a real showstopper.  Size: 31″W x 19″H








Lucite Longhorn Centerpiece

$10.00 each | QTY: 20 | Item# 16021

These longhorn centerpieces are perfect for a western or Texas theme. Add a lighted base underneath for a cool lighted effect.  Size: 20″D x 8″H