This blog is designed to both inform and inspire. We get asked dozens of the same questions regularly and thought what a great place to help educate and inform the public on things to consider when planning their event. We also felt like this is a great space to share new ideas, trends, and inspirational photos that in turn may spark an idea for a future celebration!

Nowadays, online inspiration is in no short supply, but do you know that many of these event ideas you are seeing are from styled shoots and not actual events? Often times they are posted by folks with a great eye for design that haven’t actually ever planned an event before (gasp!) Though a styled shoot is a great way to explore new ideas, many times the elements shown (though they look pretty) are not always suitable for most event spaces. (Cue the dripping taper candles, drapery blowing in the wind, and moss covered tables that make a huge mess) That said, we wanted to share with our readers and customers some ideas that will not only inspire you, but also translate perfectly for actual events.

We also feel like sharing estimated pricing is an important part of educating our readers. This is an issue many people tend to skirt around, but we feel like if you fall in love with something you should know how much it costs so you can plan accordingly.

We hope you enjoy, find some new ideas, and will continue to follow us!