Celebration is in the air!

Celebration is in the air!

What is that I smell? Is that the scent of a perfume themed event?

 Perfume theme Entry Sign

How fun is this adorable perfume themed Bat mitzvah party?!?! Modeled after a perfume bottle, we created this custom signage for the entry to the restaurant venue. Table tops were decorated with perfume themed centerpieces that were a huge hit. For these we took regular glass square vases and created perfume labels and a ribbon to go around the outside. The flowers were arranged in floral foam at the top of the container for a sophisticated touch. They even had a “create-your-own-perfume” bar at the event as well so guests got to go home with their very own custom made scent. LOVE!

Perfume theme centerpiece  Perfume theme table centerpiece

Estimated Cost: Entry sign – $175, Perfume themed floral centerpieces – $75 each