Design Evolved

Design Evolved

We are in a changing time in the events industry. Now more than ever before the customer is becoming increasingly more educated in the types of looks and elements they want for their events. Social media and websites like Pinterest and Instagram, even Google images, have forever changed the landscape of how we design.

On the one hand, they have become a resourceful tool for event designers to seek their own inspiration and ideas. On the flip side, they have also become our worst nightmare because EVERYONE has access, which means it has changed the landscape of how we design events. Gone are the days of the client coming to you with a blank slate and saying, “What can we do here?”The new reality is that the client comes to you already with their own storyboard, Pinterest board, or dozens of images that they found online and says, “This is what I want.”

The good news for the designer is that the hard part of coming up with ideas and trying to get a sense of the client’s personal style is already done. Many times though what the client sees and wants may be way out of their budget or just down right not feasible with the number of guests or event space. They also miss out on the opportunity to let you design for them with unique ideas of your own.

Thus, we have recently taken a new approach to our own business model to try and accommodate this ever-changing market. We started this brand new blog in the hopes of educating consumers and other event professionals about trending topics for the event industry and also the value of what they are getting. The images we share will also include a rough dollar amount attached so that readers can see and get a realistic sense of what things cost. They can also understand how many different elements actually have gone into what they are seeing in a particular photo – lighting, floral, linen, chair décor, collateral, china, etc.

Additionally, we have also begun a new initiative called “Magic Moments Marketplace”where we will sell inventory items that have been gently used for other consumers or event companies to purchase as is to use for their own events. The recent DIY trend that accompanies this access to new ideas via the internet also means that a lot of customers would rather purchase the items and do it themselves. That has been a growing trend, so we are willing to support it. Of course, a word of caution to end clients that it is ALWAYS more stress-free, reliable, and professionally executed when you work with a professional event company instead of doing it yourself. Trust us on this one!

So feel free to browse our site and we hope you will be inspired. We would love to help design your next event and welcome the opportunity to do so!