Frame it!

Frame it!

We recently did an art-related event, where the client wanted something that was a little more contemporary, but still artful in nature. What we came up with was an easy, but inspired idea that we can repurpose to use in different ways again and again.

By taking a series of regular old picture frames and painting them all black, we build a base for each of them and suddenly had an instant centerpiece. The great thing here is that we can use with floral accents, glassware and other containers, or the client logo or artwork. This simple design idea made for a very impactful design element that hadn’t been seen before and is relatable to a lot of different themes. Check out some of the photos from recent events where we used this same idea in different ways:



(Estimated cost – $45-$65/table)


*Another artful tip: Think LARGE with some giant frames to display living décor or other key areas or focal points. We created these custom 10×8 frames that we have used for this very purpose.

Estimated cost – $250 each