Wedding Dress Top 10 Trends Brides-to-Be Need to Know About Now

Wedding Dress Top 10 Trends Brides-to-Be Need to Know About Now

Weddings are a beautiful affair of colors, lights, dreams, flowers and love all around. This amalgam of different beautiful things doesn’t come cheap which makes it a billion-dollar industry a year and rightly so because everyone wants their wedding to be as perfect as they dreamed. Especially for the ladies and their wedding dresses. It’s a mayhem of different degrees on how to get the most amazing dress. Ranging from the modest wedding dress to the beautiful gown that ‘Meghan Markle’ wore, it’s a very overwhelming affair.

Narrowing down all the beautiful dresses this previous year had to offer and the new Fall 2019 collection on the horizon in 2019 here are 10 wedding dress trends Brides-to-be need to know about now.

  1. The Meghan Markle’s Sparkle

Every bride at her wedding wants to feel as a beautiful princess on the outside as she is on the inside and what more than wearing the gown exactly as that as an actual princess wore on her wedding day. This is why Meghan Markle’s gown had to be perfect because that would mark the benchmark for the next decade of bridal dresses.

2. New trail of Trains

From Watteau, trailing capes and detachable trains to long capes, the business of weddings is at an all time high with different creative ideas and a huge demand for competitive masterpieces, the market delivers and it delivers BIG.

3. Shades of Pink and Nude

The blush trend is making rounds in the market in the varying shades of Pink and Nude. From hot pink to Peach at Naeem khan to soft shades of nude at Elie Saab, Alexandra Grecco and Inbal Dror, this beautiful wedding-dress trend is here to stay.

4. Bold Bows

Bows in bridal dresses are nothing new but there are many new floral and oversized versions. From obi sashes and details on sleeves, to oversized versions with a dramatic flair and a pop of color, these new takes on this old fashion feel more sophisticated and structural than super girly.

5. Statement Sleeves

Statement Sleeves were the talk of the town in the bridal week of 2018 and trust me it’s not going anywhere this year too. With selections like Cold-shoulder styles, three quarter length, bell sleeves and more. Whether you want full coverage or illusion and fitted or fluttery, the selection is endless for the Strapless-averse brides.

6. Bold Ball Gowns

If you’re looking to make a dramatic entrance, a classic ball gown is for you—and we saw plenty of them. Take a cue from Kate Middleton with long, lace sleeves, or get glam with an embellished strapless bodice. No matter the details, this voluminous style is sure to turn heads.

7. Plunging Necklines

The deep V-neckline is a must-try for two reasons: It flatters your upper body (even if you’re busty!) and elongates your frame. A plunging V with scalloped lace is ultra-feminine, while a sleek V plays up the inherently sexy vibe of a curve-skimming silhouette. Just make sure you have fashion tape handy the day of to avoid any wardrobe malfunctions.

8. All-over Sparkle

Calling all Kirakira app-obsessed brides! Over-the-top sequins, tonal beading and metallic embellishments turned the Bridal Fashion Week runways into a glittery affair. Perfect for evening nuptials under the stars, this trend is daring but sophisticated. Pro tip: If you’re rocking a gown with lots of sparkle, keep your accessories minimal and let your glitzy frock do all the talking.

9. Delicately Layered Lace

Lace is a timeless fabric choice of wedding dress designers, and we’ve seen many lace fashions over the seasons. From the bold, almost geometric baroque designs favoured just a few years ago, lace wedding dresses have transformed yet again, this time taking a delicate and ethereal style. Layering beautiful floral designs with modern polka-dotted lace and ethereal tulle, and cut in clean silhouettes, 2019’s lace wedding dresses capture grace and femininity in a contemporary style.

10. Geometric

We’ll never tire of intricate Chantilly lace or opaque satin, but new-age geometric patterns and cuts are definitely on the rise. And for good reason. Whatever the interpretation, the style covers everything from crystal lattice beadwork to mod necklines, this trend is the result of the latest in cutting-edge design technology.

While following trends isn’t always advisable when it comes to wedding dresses, seeing what some of the world’s top bridal designers are featuring in their collections is nevertheless a great way to discover what details will trickle down onto the aisles of weddings across the globe.



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