Events – Getting you there

Events – Getting you there

As a décor company, we rarely delve into the transportation side of things. Most of our clients hire outside transportation companies or work with planners who do that on their behalf. That being said, what goes on outside the ballroom is just as important (if not more important) than what goes on inside the ballroom. Can’t have a party without any guests, right?

This applies most particularly for our larger corporate groups that we work with, who are having to consider things like out of town travelers and transporting large groups from one venue location to another. But what about the bridal party that needs to get from the ceremony to reception? What about the bar mitzvah guests getting from the temple to the party? What about the group of ladies who are just celebrating a birthday with a fun night on the town? Getting everyone to the event on time and safely is just as important as having the time of their life once they arrive.

For those looking for help filling the gaps and hiring transportation for your event, let us turn to the professionals at Dallas Limousine Bus for some expert tips when booking:

Dallas Transportation Tips

There are a lot of different reasons why someone might be looking for transportation in Dallas. Whether it’s a milestone such as a wedding or a simple night out on the town…this city is a fantastic venue. It might be your first time trying to find a professional transportation service, or you’re unsure who to trust. It can be a challenging process narrowing down the selections available to you. We’re here with three easy tips to ensure you’re getting the best transportation for your specific needs.

Check out websites

There is no shortage of transportation options in Dallas on the internet! There’s a trick to separating the good from the bad. Sure, you can sort through reviews, but those aren’t always authentic. It’s not uncommon for companies to buy positive reviews. It’s a red flag if companies have outdated websites. The website should be mobile responsive with easy navigation. If their website seems outdated, do you think they’re using modern equipment in the vehicles? It’s unlikely!

Ask if you can view the vehicle

Call up transportation companies asking if you can view vehicles! It’s a good way to see if they’re transparent. There’s nothing wrong with seeing where the money is going before putting down a deposit. Honest companies usually have no problem showing the vehicle on a day it’s not going out. It’s good to know exactly what’s going to roll up on the day you’ve requested service. Shady companies will do all that they can to avoid a visit to their facilities!

Take a close look at their contract

Be sure to view a sample contract and read it carefully before signing. You want to be sure you’re aware of all charges that could potentially occur. Who wants a surprise of mandatory fuel or tip charges at the moment of pick up? It’s better to come prepared. When you understand the contract, everybody is on the same page!

Finding the best transportation in Dallas doesn’t have to be a chore when you follow these tips. Being prepared will lead you to the best possible choice for your needs. For more information, head over to Dallas Limousine Bus.