Trio of red assorted vases

$5.00/set | QTY: 1 set

This set of contemporary vases in a bold red color will add a little pop to your dining table or credenza. Great for holiday centerpiece too! (1) 6”Lx4”Wx3”H, (1) 10”Lx4”Wx3”H, (1) 8”Hx5”Wx5”W)






Eggplant Trumpet Vase Set

$35.00/set | QTY: 1 set of 2

Add a little drama to your table with these unique purple tinted glass pilsner vases. LARGE 9.5”D x 27.5” H, SMALL 7.5”D x 18”H





Scalloped Edge Bowl

Sapphire Scalloped Edge Vase

$20.00ea | QTY: 28 | Item# 17003 

This stunning glass bowl is an amazing piece, whether filled with floral or simple floating candles. Grab this stunner before they are gone! 13″D x 5″H






Orange Contemporary vase

Orange Contemporary Vase

$50.00ea | QTY: 8 | Item# 17004 
This vase is so cool and unique! The orange glass inset makes for a fun pop of color in the larger glass cylinder vase as part of this two piece container. 24″H x 13.5″D









Gold Trumpet Vase

$5.00ea | QTY: 13 | Item# 17006 
These brushed metallic vases are gorgeous for your table center. Add some soft floral and you have a showstopper! 14″H









Terracotta Bowl

Terracotta Bowl

$5.00ea| QTY: 10 | Item# 17007

These natural terracotta bowl are great for serving or to display a fabulous floral creation. 19”D x 8”H








Stone Contemporary Bud Vase

$3.00ea| QTY: 3 | Item# 17008

These stone bud vases are as contemporary as they are sturdy. Size: 8.5″W x 8”H








Birch Bud Vase

$3.00ea| QTY: 8 | Item# 17009

Looking for a rustic table design idea? These birch bud vases make for the perfect accent to a cocktail table or mix with other containers for an eclectic style.  Size: 5″D x 8”H








Birch Planter Basket

$3.00ea| QTY: 2 | Item# 17010

These birch wrapped planter style containers are a perfect topper for your rustic tablescape or even just to add a unique touch to your home. Size: 7.5″D x 6.5”H








White Ceramic Footed Bowl

$3.00ea| QTY: 5 | Item# 17011

Whether creating a contemporary or traditional style, these classic containers can do it all.  Size: 6.5″D x 5.25”H








Heart Shaped Glass Bud Vase

$0.50ea| QTY: 23 | Item# 17012

These heart shaped glass vases are the perfect addition for your Valentine or sweetheart table for a romantic touch.  Size: 3″ W x 3.5″D x 3.5”H








Wide Mouth Glass Vase

$8.00ea| QTY: 17 | Item# 17013

These classic glass vases are great for mixing up your table style or place a floral on top for a tall arrangement.  Size: 6″D x 19.5”H








Glass Bud Vase

$0.50ea| QTY: 21 | Item# 17014

Traditional style bud vase for any cocktail arrangement or cluster together for a larger table size.  Size: 2.5″D x 9”H









Wave Pattern Glass Vase

$15.00ea| QTY: 45 | Item# 17015

This vase is absolutely stunning! Perfect for an elegant floral centerpiece in a cool blue color tone.  Size: 6″D x 6.5”H








Wave Pattern Glass Cylinder Vase

$15.00ea| QTY: 45 | Item# 17016

This vase is great for floral or even just with a floating candle to shine through this unique blue wave pattern. Absolutely breath-taking in person! Size: 4.5″D x 10.5”H






Ribbed Glass Vase

$3.00ea| QTY: 5 | Item# 17017

These simple classics are a no-brainer! Add them to your collection for your table center or for those surprise roses your hubby brings home (wink wink). Size: 6″D x 10”H








Blue Glass Ribbon Detail Vase

$5.00ea| QTY: 4 (assorted) | Item# 17018

This set of vases is absolutely stunning with it’s elegant ribbon detail in a striking blue glass. Total of 4 pieces can be purchased individually or as a set. Size: Range from 2.5″-4.5″D x 8.5″-14″H





Blue Glass Ribbon Detail Scalloped Edge Bowl

$5.00ea| QTY: 2 (Small,Large) | Item# 17019

This bowl is simply stunning for your dining table or on a gift, check in table. Use as a serving piece or fill with floral accents or candles.  Size: Small – 10″W x 14″L, Large – 12″W x 17″L






Black Glass Vase

$8.00-10.00ea| QTY: 1 Large/ 2 Small| Item# 17023

This glass vase is all chic style with it’s opaque black finish. Avalable in two sizes. Size: 11″D x 22″H (Large), 9″D x 13.5″H (Small)






Black Glass Cylinder Vase

$10.00ea| QTY: 2| Item# 17024

This glass vase is all chic style with it’s opaque black finish. Perfect for a tall floral or bling it up with some tall bling ribbon. Size: 6″D x 31.5″H







Tall Glass Cylinder Vase with Bling

$15.00ea| QTY: 1| Item# 17025

This stunner is a towering height and the bling accents are the perfect touch of glam. Size: 7″D x 40″H







Tall Glass Trumpet Vase

$15.00ea| QTY: 2| Item# 17026

This towering trumpet vase is definitely a show-stopper!  Size: 10″D x 4’H







Orange Glass Ribbon Detail Rectangular Vase Set

$10.00| QTY: 1 set| Item# 17028

This set includes three rectangular vases perfect for arranging floral or placing candles. The beautiful scalloped ribbon detail gives a unique artisan look. Size: 4″x4″x8.5″, 10″, and 12″ H







Orange Glass Ribbon Detail Round Vase Set

$30.00| QTY: 1 set| Item# 17029

This 4 piece set includes a mix of different sized glass bowls and platters. Perfect for an entry or dining table. Size: 10″-17″






Clear Glass Goblet Vase

$5.00| QTY: 2| Item# 17030

This vase is a classic style and perfect for an entry or dining table. Size: 20″h x8″d







Black Flower Pot

$2.00| QTY: 34| Item# 17031

This painted black flower pot is perfect for your home, garden, or table center.  Size: 7″h x8″d








Gold and White Bulls-eye Vase

$20.00| QTY: 9| Item# 17032

This fun modern style is perfect for a unique table centerpiece. This metallic gold and white bulls-eye container retails for $150, but yours for only $25 each.  Size: 7″D







Brown Wicker Container

$5.00| QTY: 65| Item# 17033

The rustic style of this container make for a unique centerpiece. Size: 10″L x 4.5″W x 4″H